Lab coaters, coating test machines, gravure roll coaters, and special machines for applying uniform, consistent, and repeatable coating thicknesses as low as 1/10 of 1 micron (.000004”) to as high as 5 mils (.005”) onto paper, paperboard, foamboard, film, aluminum and steel foils, glass substrate, silicon discs, and various other types of substrate.

Euclid Lab Coaters are excellent for coating silicones, adhesives, hot melt coatings, U.V. coatings, paper coatings, inks, overcoat varnishes, polymers, etc… onto any given substrate, ranging from small hand sheets in the laboratory to full scale roll-to-roll applications.

Lab Coaters
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Offset Gravure Lab Coater: Side Control Panel View
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12” wide Offset Gravure Lab Coater:
Front View
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